JSC “Sigarta” – Sportswear and leisure outfits.

The main activity of the company is production of active leisure outfits and sportswear.

JSC “Sigarta” is located in Kaunas. The company’s merchandise brands are – AGOtextile, BRYTVA.

The outfits of these merchandise brands are exceptional in their design, variety of models, variety and quality of print technology.

The company creates and produces for different sport branches, both for professionals and amateurs. There are also collections produced for women and children. Individual, differing from the standard outfits can be produced too.

JSC “Sigarta” can also offer the service of sewing tricot clothing for individual orders.

We also cooperate willingly with other companies and accept large amounts of orders for sportswear, suits or other leisure or festive clothing, as well as clothing for women, men and children.