JSC “Sigarta” – manufacturer of quality outfits for your leisure and sports

“Sigarta” Ltd. works in a market of sportswear and leisure outfits.  Our strong side – stylish and comfortable clothes, specially designed either for professional athletes or for amateurs, active leisure lovers. We are working only more than 8 years. Due to our constant investments and growth as well as due to the quality of our clothes, we have already found a long list of partners and customers in between of various disciplines, sports, teams and federations (basketball, football, rugby, rowing, motocross, volleyball and others). The best way of evaluation is when our customer from one or another team comes back with the personal demands and requirements for personal clothing.

“AGO” is our brand name of sportswear and leisure outfits, representing our powerful team.

We actually believe, that beauty is beyond simplicity as well as the quality of outfits assures perfect leisure or sports’ moments.

We are always opened for new opportunities and innovations, trying to catch the latest breeze of designs, apparel construction and fabric technologies tendencies.

Our main goal – to assure that our brand name “AGO” will be associated with high quality, innovations and reliability.

“AGO” is your BBF in sports and leisure.